March 2019

Dear Parents:

Our 2018 recitals will be held on Saturday, May 18th at Northport High School on Laurel Hill Road in Northport. Our four recital shows are scheduled for:
10:00am, 1:00pm, 4:00pm and 7:00pm

Scheduling for these recitals is an extremely difficult task that has taken us several months to complete. We truly do our best to organize the shows so parents do not have to come to many different shows. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate all dancers that dance on different days and those that have many classes. As always, all of our dancers will be on stage during our finale, so everyone must remain backstage during the show. The only exception will be our Mommy & Me classes who will be able to enjoy the show with their parents in the auditorium after they dance on stage and then return backstage for the finale.

The listing of classes and the show(s) in which they are performing is posted in the Studio and on our website ( Please check your dancer’s class(es) to find out when they are scheduled to perform.

Most costumes have already arrived. Costumes for a few individual students have not yet come in, but we are expecting more in shortly. If your child does not receive his/her costume by Dress Rehearsal, please dress him/her in all black (leotard with jazz pants/dance shorts/leggings/tights) and the appropriate dance shoes. Balances for the costumes have been charged to your account. Costumes will be given out in class and absolutely no costumes will be distributed unless your account is paid to date.

Dress Rehearsal will be held on SUNDAY, April 7, 2019 at Northport High School. The Dress Rehearsal schedule is now posted in the studio and on our website ( Each family is permitted only TWO guests to accompany the dancer(s). In the past, dress rehearsals were too crowded, causing too much of a distraction for our dancers. It also puts us in jeopardy of violating the fire code. This day is strictly intended to give our students the opportunity to rehearse on stage. Each class is scheduled for a specific time slot to perform their dance. A list of scheduled times is posted in the main studio and online. All dancers are expected to arrive at dress rehearsal by their scheduled time prepared to dance in full costume and make-up. Due to the high volume of classes and limited time availability, we cannot wait for dancers who come late or unprepared. No exceptions can be made.

The following rules will be in effect during Dress Rehearsal and Recital:
· You MUST park in marked stalls only in the parking lots. There is no parking in fire zones at any time for any reason.
· Absolutely NO eating or drinking (except for water) will take place in any dressing rooms or backstage. On the recital days, all eating must take place in the small cafeteria.
· No individual dressing rooms can be constructed in any dressing rooms used for dress rehearsal and recital. No individual practice rooms will be used as dressing rooms.
· You must be respectful of the school’s property. You must be careful with your makeup, bobby pins, safety pins, etc. These should not be scattered around and left for someone to clean up after you. This may sound silly, but it truly is a huge problem.
· No one is to touch any school property (instruments, desks, papers, etc.) that are in any rooms that we are using for dress rehearsal and recital.
· Everyone is responsible for their own items and space taken during dress rehearsal and recital. You are responsible for cleaning your space, take all your belongings, etc. with you when you are done dancing.

We expect each and every dancer and their families to follow these rules. No one is an exception and if there is a problem, you will be asked to leave the premises. I have personally guaranteed Northport High School that we would fully cooperate in keeping their school the way we found it. Please make sure you all do your part to help in these matters during dress rehearsal and recital.

· The photographers will be at dress rehearsal to take all individual photos AFTER your child has danced on stage.
· ALL group pictures will be taken after recital during regular classes the week of MONDAY, JUNE 3rd – SATURDAY, JUNE 8th. All dancers will come to their regularly scheduled dance class in full costume, makeup, tights, and shoes for their group picture. This includes all companies and competition classes. There will be no group pictures taken at dress rehearsal.
· For all dancers who will be changing their costumes during regular class time for each group picture, you must keep in mind that space to do this will be very limited. You will not be able to line up at the bathrooms in order to change costumes. Perhaps a bodystocking under your costumes would be a good idea in this case. You will be changing in the dance rooms, not the bathrooms.

Thank you in advance for all your cooperation these coming months. Please feel free to contact the studio with any questions.


Miss Anita