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Company classes have been a part of Anita’s Studio of Dance since the inception of the studio. This special tradition is a chance for our students to further excel and grow within Tap and Jazz. Students will have the experience of working with different teachers and styles of learning, as well as have the opportunity to go through an audition process. We strongly encourage all of our students to audition for companies!

 Starlet Tap Company (ages 6 & up)
Starlet Jazz Company (ages 6 & up)
Jr Jr Tap Company (ages 8 & up)
Jr Jr Jazz Company (ages 8 & up)
Jr Tap Company (ages 10 & up)
Jr Jazz Company (ages 10 & up)
Pre-Sr Tap Company (ages 12 & up)
Pre-Sr Jazz Company (ages 12 & up)


Why we LOVE our company classes:
· Companies give students the ability to shine in more dances at Recital, and we love watching our dancers on stage!
· It’s great to watch our students audition! In a dancer’s world learning to audition is crucial and the experience is invaluable.
· Students have the ability to take class with new teachers and to make friends from other classes.
· Companies are a great way to allow our students to do more without their parents being financially overwhelmed.

Students who would like to audition for company must be enrolled in a technique class of the type of dance they are auditioning for, as well as a ballet class. There are company classes for students aged 6 and up.

· Students may sign up for company auditions in November. Sign-up sheets are located on the bulletin board in the main studio. There are age guidelines listed for each group, but dancers will be placed based on ability.
· Company auditions are held in December or January.
· Results are posted within two weeks after auditions.
· Company classes begin in January and run until Recital. They are 45 minutes long.
· During Recital each company class will dance in two shows.
· Dancers need not re-audition for company the next year, unless they want to move up a level.

Financially, the commitment to company is minimal. For each company class made, there is only a one-time commitment fee of $75 plus the cost of the costume (typically around $80). The time commitment is one additional class each week. Dancers are only allowed three absences. Being absent more than three times will result in disciplinary action and possibly being removed from the class.


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