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Anita’s Studio of Dance and Theatre Arts is located in the Tick Tock shopping center in East Northport, NY.  Since 1975, Miss Anita and her staff have continuously provided a great atmosphere for students of all ages and in all styles of the performing arts. Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced dancer, we have a class for you!


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Why Anita’s ?

Anita's Philosophy
At Anita’s Studio of Dance & Theatre Arts we strive to bring out the best dancer in each individual student. Our faculty shares their love of dance, and imparts their knowledge and experience with all of our students regardless of level. Our ultimate goal is for students to have fun while they are learning and to have an overall positive experience with dance. We, who are members of the dance education community, seek to live lives of good character. We believe that good character grows from daily acts of honesty, respect, responsibility and compassion. We pledge to develop these ideals in ourselves with courage and integrity, and instill these virtues in the students we teach.
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Dance Styles



With ballet being the basis for all dance forms, our ballet program is structured for boys and girls of all ages and levels from the basic introduction of ballet to advanced ballet. Training in classical ballet prepares a child for life and the proper technique that ballet demands is the best way to prevent injury. The discipline, focus, analytical process and high performance expectations required in classical ballet give a young person tools for success in any endeavor. The classes will focus on posture, balance, self-discipline, grace, self-confidence, strength, alignment and a clear understanding of the technique resulting in graceful, flowing, precise movement. Students ages 12 and up are evaluated on a regular basis to determine their readiness for pointe, but neither age nor placement level is a guarantee of being ready to go on pointe. Factors that weigh in this decision are experience, basic alignment and strength in ankles and back. To be considered for pointe, it is highly recommended that students be enrolled in a minimum of two ballet classes per week.Register Today


Tap is a form of dance characterized by using the sound of one’s tap shoes hitting the floor (or other surfaces) as a percussive instrument. As such, it is also commonly considered to be a form of music. From the classic styles of Broadway, to the innovative rhythm of hoofing, tap offers a varied curriculum. Broadway tap focuses more on the dance and is widely performed as a part of musical theater. Rhythm tap focuses more on musicality, and practitioners consider themselves to be a part of the Jazz tradition. Classes develop rhythm and sound coordination skills, while focusing on endurance, accuracy, timing, clarity, speed and footwork.Register Today


Focusing on isolations of the body parts and inspired by Jack Cole, Matt Mattox, Jerome Robbins, Bob Fosse, and many other teachers and choreographers, jazz dance began as a physical reflection of jazz music and is now one of the most popular dance techniques in the world! We challenge our students with many different forms of Jazz, all high energy but with different styles. These classes are popular with all ages and provide an added benefit of cardiovascular exercise due to the high level of energy exerted. Jazz class is a fun and fast paced mixture of various techniques focusing on turns, jumps, leaps, flexibility and elements of dance conditioning.Register Today


Lyrical dance fuses ballet and jazz techniques together to create a very unique performance. The outcome is often narrative in nature. Lyrical class will help students hone in on their emotions being expressed through highly technical movement. This is a wonderful class to express your body with a sense of freedom and fluidity. A ballet class is required for all lyrical students.Register Today


Contemporary dance incorporates a collection of methods and techniques found in ballet, modern, and lyrical dance, giving it a unique look. Contemporary dance tends to be intricate and physical, and the dancers change levels and directions quickly and seamlessly. Improvisation skills will also be honed in our contemporary classes. A ballet class is required for all contemporary students.Register Today

Hip Hop

This high-energy street style dance combines popping, locking and break dance and is performed to hip-hop music while reflecting the latest hip-hop trends and dance moves. Elements include proper conditioning and warm-up, individualized dance steps and full bodied combinations. Dancers LOVE learning these expressive dance steps while dancing to their favorite songs. As dancers graduate from the beginner level, increasing complexity of movements and skills are taught. While popular trends run rampant, age appropriate movements will be applied at all times!Register Today

Combo Classes

We offer combination classes for students ages 3-6. Children will learn coordination, basic dance skills, musicality and rhythm, and enhance their creativity through movement. Our Creative Combo combines tap, ballet and creative movement for ages 3 & 4. Tap/Ballet Combos for ages 4-6, Tap/Jazz and Ballet/Jazz Combos for ages 5-7 are more structured classes that allow children to gain strength and confidence while pursuing various types of dance. Register Today

Mommy & Me

An introduction to dance and movement for tots with a parent present. Our classes combine parent/child bonding with music and movement. They learn to follow directions, work as a group with other children, and hone listening and motor skills in a gently structured environment. As the year progresses, the dancers will begin to separate from their parents as they prepare for their recital performance. For ages 2-2.5. Register Today


Our Talented Directors

Anita Goldstein
Anita GoldsteinDirector
Miss Anita began dancing at the age of 3 1/2 and continued her studies with Nellie Cook until she was 20, At l7 she was accepted as a New York Junior Rockette. Miss Anita extended her dance education by studying under numerous…

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Carolyn Gangemi
Carolyn GangemiAssistant Director
Biography Coming Soon.

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Barbara Challice
Barbara ChalliceAssistant Director
Miss Barbara has been dancing since she was three years old, and teaching dance since age 18. She has studied under such masters as Charles Kelly, Frank Hatchett, Steven Boyd and Patricia Dickinson. From 1984 to 1993 she performed…

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“I spent my entire childhood and adolescence dancing with Miss Anita. She fostered my love of dance and I am forever grateful to her for those wonderful years as I continue to dance to this day!”
Amy I.
“Anita’s has been my daughter’s home away from home for almost 12 years….it is her “happy” place, and the teacher’s are wonderful.. They have inspired her, and have instilled such a love of dance in her that she hopes to study it in college and pursue a career in dance!!!!”
Allyson L.
Hats off to all of you for another wonderful performance. This was a wonderful year with outstanding performances from the students and teacher. An extra round of applause to the teachers and the time and dedication you all do year after year. This is no easy task dealing with kids and parents alike and long hours. You all make it seem so easy year after year. Giovanna and I both are looking forward to another summer and year with all of you again.
Words can’t say enough for all you do. Most important please know you are all greatly appreciated.
Have a peaceful and rested weekend. Enjoy your family!
Love ya all, ”
Mary L.
“What GREAT shows by everyone! I am proud to say that my girls are members of the Anita’s Studio of Dance Family!”
Maura A.
“I just wanted to send a quick note to thank all of you for the hard work, dedication and love that went into creating another wonderful recital weekend. The shows were great, my family thoroughly enjoyed the 10:00 show. Thanks again. ”
Lisa P.
“Dear Miss Anita,
My daughter had been dancing at the same studio for 6 years. This fall she left that studio and joined your studio. Tonight I attended your Parent Observation. I wanted to take the time to let you know that I can not believe the difference in dance education that she is receiving at your studio. I am so impressed by her teacher’s commitment to teaching her students technique. I had no idea what my daughter was missing out on until I watched her in your studio.
We are so excited!”
Karen H.
“Love the family atmosphere! My daughter has been dancing here for 7 years and she loves Anita’s!”
Danielle D.
“Great studio with talented , friendly staff. My daughter is on her 6th year here and loves it very much.”
Toni M.
“My daughter has been dancing at Anita’s for 4 Years and LOVES it. Great Studio, with Great Teachers and Great Kids!!”
Eileen T.
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